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Examination chairs

We offer a very competent range of examination chairs, predominantly for ophthalmic and ENT examinations. The ak 2004 – 5004 series comprise very basic models all the way up to very complex models featuring many electric or mechanical functions.

The chair in the ak 2004 – 5004 series are compatible with all commonly used examination units. They are controlled by integrated hand- or foot switches. If the examination unit features any remote switches, the chairs can be controlled by those switches, too.


ak 5004

The ak 5004 patient examination chair offers many versatile adjustments. It is especially suitable for ENT (ORL) and ophthalmic examinations. The height adjustment is always electric, the bask rest and seat cushion are controlled either electric or manually.

The chair top rotation is manually controlled.

ak 4004

The high quality ak 4004 patient examination chair features an electric up – down adjustment, the back rest is controlled manually. The versatile chair is especially suitable for ENT and ophthalmic examinations.

ak 3004

The ak 3004 patient examination chair is electric height adjustable, the back rest is solid. If needed, the arm rests fold away.

The chair top rotation is manually controlled.

ak 2004

The ak 2004 is a very affordable patient examination chair. The height adjustment is electric, the back rest and arm rests are solid

ak 470

The top-quality patient chairs ak 470 (rs / rk/rl) feature an electric height adjustment. They are controlled either by an external foot switch or a switch integrated in the examination unit.

RC 500

The patient transport and recovery chair features a manually adjustable back rest. The adjustable leg support is moving synchronized with the back rest.

The heavy-duty castors are good for an effortless transport even of very heavy persons.