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Features and Functions

Height Adjustment

The chair offers a 200 mm electric up – down movement, controlled by either the integrated or an external foot switch. The external foot switch is connected directly to the chair however, it is also possible to control the up – down movement by switches located in the examination unit.

Arm rests

The arm rests fold away upwards for certain ENT examinations and a lateral access to the patient.


For certain ENT examinations the chair top rotates to the left or right. A ball locking mechanism secures the top at 90° positions


Foot switches

Various foot switches are available featuring 2 or 3 functions.
- up - down
-auto down

Foot support

An optional leg support is available. The fold out foot support enhances the seating comfort for smaller patients.

Technical Data

Technical Data ak 3004 Value Unit
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions base (W x D) 630 x 680 mm
Seat cushion (W x D) 460 x 450 mm
Back rest (W x L) 460 x 780 mm
Chair height back rest upright 1280 mm
Max. length chair, back rest (foot rest or back rest) horizontal  N A
Patient weight max. 150 kg
Chair weight 86 kg
Vertical range chair
Min. height seat cushion 500 mm
Lift 200 mm
Max. height seat cushion 700 mm
Chair rotation (snap lock every 90°)
Horizontal seat movement f + b  N A
Castors available (electric) X
Electrical Data
Line power 230 (3) Volt (3)
Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz
Nominal power max.2,5 A