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Features and Functions

Height Adjustment

The electric height adjustment from 600 mm to 800 mm is controlled by a separate two or three functions foot switch

Head rest

The horseshoe shaped standard head rest stabilizes the head but holds it perfectly accessible. The contour of the visco elastic foam cushion firmly supports the head without the need for additional gel or foam cushions.


Order no. 100-525

Foot switch

The 3-function foot switch offers, in addition to the Up - Down function, a homing button

Head rests

Various heads rests are available for the specific needs in different procedures. All head rests are ergonomically designed and offer firm head support without any further gel or foam cushions.

  • Standard head rest (viso foam) order no 030690
  • Multi articulated head rest (visco foam) order no030648
  • padded board order no030660

Order no. 241.030650

Articulate for additional head rest tilt

If additional reclination or anteflexion of the head is needed, a tilt articulate is available. This opens the surgical field, and the surgeon is able to continue to maintain a ergonomically favorable posture with an upright back. This accessory is very suitable for

  • Max fascial/ oral surgery
  • ENT surgery
  • Plastic – aesthetic surgery

Order no.  612.050015

Side rails

Optional stainless steel side rails are available to attach additional accessories.

Order no.  240.030500

Anesthesia screen

A solid stainless-steel bar angled at 90°. Can be attached at any position on the side railings and is stable enough to hold any hand pieces for surgery.

Order no.  275.030500

Anesthesia screen O²

Multi articulated drape support holding an oxygen tube for air supply to the patient.

Order no.  241.030250

Arm rests

The multi articulated arm rest is riding on a ball joint and 3 dimensional adjustable.

  • Quick mounting to the side railing
  • 3-dimensional adjustable
  • Use left AND right side

Order no.  612.030300


With the optional castors the bed can be easily moved into various positions. The castors are not good for the transport of people.

Order no. 612.001000

Cast Iron Base

The very heavy cast iron base offers pleasing looks an additional tilt stability.

Downloads / Color Chart / Technical Data

Technical Data Value Unit
Length 200 cm
Width cushion 65 cm
Min. height 600 cm
Lift vertical 20 cm
Patient weight max. 150 kg
Weight (depending on options 65 kg
Wheel diameter 125 mm
Electrical Data
Line power 240 Volt
Line power (option) 110 Volt
Nominal frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption 310 VA
Power consumption, (option) 890 VA
Fuse 6,3 A
Sicherung optional 10 A
Duty cycle (ID 10) 6 Minuten