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Instrument delivery tables

The wide range comprises high quality instrument delivery tables driven by one or two electric actuators. The actuators are mounted either in the center or, depending on the intended use, off center.

Tables driven by two actuators allow unrestricted access for and treatment of wheelchair patients.

We offer a wide range of standard tabletops, but customized tops are available upon request. One, two or even three ophthalmic instruments may be placed on the tabletops.


Instrument delivery table ak 150 DL

The top quality, versatile ak 150 DL instrument delivery table offers ample space between he two electric lifts. This offers comfortable access to all commonly used wheelchairs.

Instrument delivery table ak 106 vario

The ak 106 vario table series are top quality and very versatile instrument delivery tables. They are shipped as a kit, folded down to significantly save on shipping cost.

Instrument delivery table Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
IT 760.i und IT 1060.i

The top quality instrument delivery tables are manufactured for Carl Zeiss Meditec AG and are designed to support the CZM AG diagnostic or therapeutic medical equipment.

Instrument delivery table ak 103

The ak 103 table series are top quality and very versatile, and robust instrument delivery tables.