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Patient beds for refractive laser eye surgery.

Especially designed for refractive laser eye surgery, this patient bed is compatible with all currently used femtosecond or excimer lasers.

In addition to the Z, X and Y movements the bed also features an electric adjustable head rest. All movements are primarily controlled by an integrated joystick. However, due to the integrated encoded position sensor system external movement control systems are possible.

Several interlock options between the laser and surgical bed assure the essential patient safety during the procedure.


Patient bed
LS Comfort

For many years now AKRUS is the leading supplier of patient beds for refractive laser eye surgery. Thanks to the high precision movement control of the Z, X and Y axis the bed can be positioned exactly to the focal point of the laser.

Due to the integrated safety systems and interlocks the use of the bed even under a femtosecond laser with a non-moveable laser head is possible.

Our laser beds are being used with various lasers by some of the leading laser manufacturers.