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About us - AKRUS Medical Technologies

For more than 75 years we have sucessfully designed and manufactured high quality medical devices.

Since 1946 AKRUS has designed and manufactured high quality and technically advanced medical devices for various medical specialties. Our customers and busines associates appreciate Akrus as a competent and dependable business partner

Product overview

Mobile surgical tables and chairs

The Akrus surgical tables and chairs have been designed in close cooperation with surgeons and medical staff and provide optimal conditions during surgical procedures.

Breast biopsy and mamography chairs

Patient chairs for transport and positioning of patients for mammography examinations as well as stereotactic or tomo synthetic breast biopsies.

Surgeon chairs and doctor stools

We offer a vast variety of electrically driven as well as pneumatic or hydraulic adjustable chairs and stools. Choose from a large selection of various seat shapes, arm rests and many other options.

Patient bed for Excimer and Femto second refractive laser eye surgery

This surgical bed has been specially designed for excimer and femtosecond leaser eye treatment. It not only offers Z, X and Y movements but also an electric adjustable head rest. All movements are controlled by a joystick.

Various interlock options between the laser and surgical bed guarantee the essential patient safety during the procedure.

Instrument delivery tables

We offer a very wide range of electrically height adjustable instrument delivery tables featuring one or two electric actuators.  The rectangular or V shaped tables tops offer plenty of room for one or more instruments on the tabletop.


Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams und unserer Kompetenz suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Eintritt eine/n

Elektro Mechaniker (m/w/d)
Schlosser Mechaniker (m/w/d)
CNC - Fräser / Dreher (m/w/d)

 Ihre Aufgabengebiete sind die mechanische und elektrische/ elektronische Montage komplexer medizintechnischer Geräte.

Bei Interesse nehmen Sie bitte mit uns Kontakt auf unter
E-Mail: kersten.indorf@akrus.de
Telefon: +49 4121 / 79 19 30