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Features and Functions

Electric UP-Down control

The electric height adjustable chair can be set to an ergonomically favorable working level for the operator.

The height adjustment is controlled by two easily accessible footswitches on either side of the chair. That keeps your hands free to take care of your patient.

Infinitely variable backrest and leg support

The ak 5010 MBS can be used as a chair or a stretcher.

 The infinitely adjustable back rest and leg support offer maximum patient comfort and positioning especially for biopsies in decubitus. The leg support is synchronized with the back rest.

Fold away shoulder sections

The dropdown shoulder sections support a very stable yet comfortable lateral decubitus position and serve as a safe arm rest during breast biopsy procedures.

Fold away footrest

A fold away foot support provides a safe footrest to smaller patients. Fold up in stretcher configuration and fold out in the chair configuration

Adjustable head rest

 The vertically adjustable head rest (backrest horizontal) provides maximum comfort and safe head support in a seated and, a lateral decubitus position.

Mobile and line power independent.

The ak 5010 MBS chair wheels on 4 heavy duty dual castors and is easily maneuverable. The chair may be used for the transport of patients.

This means, you are able to perform mammography screenings and breast biopsies on one chair without the need to transfer the patient to another device.

The foot operated brake system features 3 settings

  • All wheels locked
  • All wheels pivoting freely
  • One wheel locked for steering control

The chair is driven by an integrated battery and totally mobile and line power independent. No disturbing electric cables on the floor.



Safety switch

 A foot operated safety switch ensures a safe biopsy procedure. The switch reliably prevents any unwanted movement during the biopsy procedure



Trendelenburg (shock) position

In case of an emergency the Trendelenburg (shock) position is instantly available, The release levers are located under the seat cushion on either side of the chair.


Order no.  277.032010

Separate back support

The separate back support offers a relaxed, yet stable lateral decubitus position and enhanced optimal breast biopsy procedures.

Order no.  277.030700

Lateral shifting Head Rest

The sideways shifting head rest offers maximum comfort to the patient in a lateral decubitus position during breast biopsy procedures.

Order no.  277.901000

Visco elastic foam pads

visco elastic pads enhance patients comfort and avoid pressure points even during extended procedures. The visco padding assures a relaxed and comfortable patient positioning.

Order no.  277.950300

Separate foot rest adapter blocks

Place up to 2 separate adapter blocks on the foot support to enhance the seating comfort for very short patients.

Order no.  100-925

Spare battery

A fully charged spare battery should be always ready on the charger unit. This avoids any downtimes during heavy duty hours.

It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery. The recharger unit is equipped with an electronic overload protector.

Upholstery color chart


Choose from 16 standard colors. Special colors upon request.

ak 5010 MBS


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Downloads / Technical Data


CSA certified

Technical Data Value Unit
Length wheel base (backrest up) 760 mm
Width wheel base 580 mm
Width chair incl. attachment rails 760 mm
Width seat cushion 580 mm
Height chair back rest upright 1440 mm
Max. length chair, back rest horizontal 1730 mm
Max. patient weight 150 kg
Max chair load (static) 545 kg
Chair weight (depending on options) 95 kg
Vertical range chair (Z axis)
Lowest ingress height 680 mm
Vertical lift 300 mm
Max.   height 980 mm
Range back rest
Vertical to horizontal 90 °
Shock position below horizontal -15 °
Range head rest
Vertical, back rest horizontal 160 mm
Sideways 120 mm
Range shoulder segment
Drop down below horizontal 40 °
Wheel base
3 Pos. Brake system
  • all wheels locked
  • all wheels pivoting
  • one wheel fixed for stearing
Wheel diameter 125 mm
Actuating force (brake) ± 10 % 250 N
Electrical data
Battery 24 (2,9) Volt(Ah)
Line power for re charger 100-240 Volt
Recharging time 4 h
Nominal frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Nominal power 400 mA
Fuse 1,25 //250 A/H//V
Protection category IP 65
Duty cycle (ID 10) 6 Minuten
Upholstery electric conductible (optional)