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Features and Functions

Up – Down movement

The height adjustment is controlled by an up - down switch. The switch is a rocket switch and is located in the table top holder on the right side of center.



Cable bay

A spacious bay for cabling is located under the tabletop



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Dual heavy-duty castors

The table moves effortlessly on 4 heavy duty dual castors. Each castor features an individual brake.




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Key board drawer

As an option a key board drawer is available under the tabletop.

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IEC power outlets

Additional IEC outlets can be mounted inside the cable bay (table top adapter)

Technical Data Value Unit
Table top small 440 x 960 mm
Tiable top large 440 x 1160 mm
Tbale weight 65 kg
Vertical Range
Min. - max. height 650 - 1000 mm
vertical lift 355 mm
Lift speed 16 mm/sec
Lifting power ~ 1000 N
Max. table top load 100 kg
Electrical Data
Nominal voltage 120/230 Volt
Nominal frequency 50 - 60 °
Power consumption 2x120 VA
Protection category SK I / IP 21
Duty cycle 1Min. / 9Min. Betrieb/Pause
Power cord
IEC power cord EU 3x0,75 mm²;3m length